Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Breastfeeding Lowers Mother Ttechnique Weight Loss

Breast milk is God's gift to every mother who gave birth but is also concerned with nursing mothers body care .
Cara selamat ibu menyusu turunkan berat badan

Every man would want a healthy body . People say however much money in savings, it still has not been able to buy health .
      For the woman who has given birth , weight gain is a problem that is quite overpowering. Which is not, the baby should be fed , so it is an impossible thing for the mother to follow a diet because it can affect the baby.
  How to lose weight by reducing calorie intake in food is the thing that should not be done by nursing mothers . This is because it can affect the production or quality of breast milk itself.
      Because of that , to keep the quality and quantity of milk so nursing mothers should increase their intake of about 300 kcal per day . However , if she still want to try to lose weight but still continue breastfeeding then there are some safe ways that can be applied :

Burn calories with breastfeeding

   Strive to breastfeed your baby until he was two years old. Do not consider this a matter of inconvenience for nursing mothers body is able to produce hormones that help you lose weight at the same time restore the body's natural shape .

   There are some studies say breast-feeding , the mother's body inadvertently burn about 300 to 500 kcal per day is equivalent to cycling for one hour.

Choose foods

       Choose foods high in vegetables , fruits , complex carbohydrates , fat and protein source schemes is low. For example , low-fat dairy , skinless chicken , fish , eggs , tofu, tempeh and nuts. By taking these foods regularly , it is possible you are able to get the desired shape and optimum health .

Fast foods to avoid

      Avoid foods that have cooled immediately or frozen . If necessary , it can be taken but make sure it's in a little amount . To avoid feeling depressed will not even take prolonged for a moment then move your thoughts to the little ones are certainly looking for attention . Maybe with a walk with him capable of burning calories in your body .

Do light exercise

      Instead, after completion of breastfeeding then do a bit of light exercise to reduce discomfort in the breast . Use clothing that was reserved for nursing mothers .

      Can start by walking around the area , cycling or swimming. Should have been done repeatedly then the time may be increased in stages. For example , do the exercises strengthen the abdominal wall and the next . If you feel pain in a specific area then go where immediate medical attention .

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